Handcrafted Google Ads scorecards for competitive brands

Are your Google Ads campaigns getting the results you expect? Let our experts review your account and highlight opportunities to improve.

Solving complex PPC challenges starts with an honest assessment of your account

First, we'll set up a brief call to learn more about you. Then, Workshop Digital experts will create your custom report to show:

  • How to improve your account structure to increase efficiency.
  • What your competitors are doing and how to capture more market share.
  • Prioritized opportunities for greater impact and how to maximize your budget.

Your custom Google Ads Scorecard will give you an expert’s take on your current efforts and recommendations to improve efficiency.

No canned reports here! Our scorecards are customized to your campaigns and your business objectives.

Google Ads Search Campaigns

There are plenty of automated tools that can analyze Google Ads campaigns, but it takes a human's experience to create insights about what is working and what isn't.

Google Ads Scorecard - Search Campaigns

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Google Display Network Campaigns

A manual review of your campaigns reveals opportunities to appeal to more prospective customers. Your Google Ads Scorecard will include a prioritized list of opportunities and focus areas for further exploration.

Google Display Network Scorecard

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YouTube Ads Campaigns

Are your video ads creating meaningful interactions? Your Google Ads Scorecard includes an evaluation of your YouTube Ads campaigns so you can measure the metrics that matter.

YouTube Ads Scorecard

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Bonus: LinkedIn Ads Campaigns

If your business is taking advantage of LinkedIn to advertise to professionals or other businesses, we will include recommendations to optimize your ads for improved engagement and conversion.

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Bonus: Facebook and Instagram Ads Campaigns

We can also take a look at your ad programs across Facebook and Instagram (Meta) to assess how you're targeting audience groups to ensure the right messaging reaches the right people.

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