Aimee Peake

SEO Lead

“My experiences on a few in-house marketing teams are a big benefit to my clients at Workshop Digital. I’ve been on their end before and I think it helps me understand what’s important to them and ensures we’re a valuable partner that’s easy to work with.”

Aimee Peake has over 10 years of experience in digital marketing. She started her career in SEO at Workshop Digital in 2015, where she learned from the best for 5 years before leaving to gain experience in agency leadership and in-house marketing teams. However, she missed being in the weeds creating strategies and executing for clients across industries — so she returned to Workshop Digital in 2024 as a Lead.

When Aimee isn’t hustling for clients, you can find her doing yoga, rock climbing, or fishing with her husband and son.


Favorite Musician

Billy Strings


Favorite Local Restaurant

Kuba Kuba


Favorite Place in RVA

Chimborazo Park