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Jack Boland

Analytics & SEO Lead

Jack is an experienced SEO with a passion for helping clients unpack their overall marketing strategies. He's happiest when he's answering his clients' most sweeping and complex questions, documenting competitive landscapes, and uncovering opportunities for growth. Before joining Workshop Digital, Jack managed digital marketing and analytics for a luxury retailer.

Outside of work, Jack is an avid enthusiast for video and tabletop games, cooking, drawing, and interacting with bugs, birds, and beasts of all shapes and sizes.

Favorite Hobby

Dungeons & Dragons

Favorite Fictional Character


Favorite Bug

Hercules Beetle

"For me, the magic moments of the job are when you’ve spent time with a client—listening to their needs, curiosities, and anxieties—and you get a chance to validate their ideas and questions with data. Basically, I love the conversations that result from analysis and collaboration."

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