Jenny Williamson

Paid Media Team Lead

“My favorite thing about the digital marketing industry is accountability and attribution—for the most part, every result can be tied to an action. Being able to draw a line from objectives to concepts and tactics and then to meaningful business results, showing the connection to clients, and having them understand and internalize the value is where my proud feelings come from.”

After graduating from Penn State in 2017 with a B.S. in Business Psychology, Jenny started her professional career managing paid media accounts in-house for a consumer e-commerce company before transitioning to digital marketing consulting, which she provided for businesses of varying size and industry. She joined Workshop Digital in July 2020 to be part of a team committed to continued learning and growth within the digital marketing industry and to build client relationships by helping businesses drive attributable success through online marketing.


Favorite Food

Thai food and sushi


Favorite Season

Summer. Hate the cold!


Favorite Hobby

Reading and cooking