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Larissa Williams

Director of SEO

Larissa joined Workshop Digital in January 2021 to take the reins as Director of SEO. Larissa is a growth-focused digital marketer who leads her team with passion and integrity.

Her data-driven approach to SEO is informed by her research background and over decade of experience in digital marketing. After receiving a Master of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Texas at Austin, Larissa set her sights on bringing a user-first approach to SEO at best-in-class marketing firms across the U.S. From Fortune 100 brands to regional disruptors, Larissa has a proven track record of driving positive ROI and search visibility, all while championing her team.

In her spare time, you’ll find Larissa baking up a storm or attending film festivals. Larissa is a passionate advocate for increasing diversity and opportunities in tech.

Favorite Podcast

How Did This Get Made?

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Favorite Book

Watership Down

I strive to create “Aha!” moments every day. In SEO, that might mean translating a complex technical issue into the language of the C-Suite or collaborating across divisions to solve a business challenge together. It’s why I love being on the cutting edge of digital marketing; never a dull moment.

Larissa's Recent Posts

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