Patrick Cusumano

Paid Media Lead

“There’s proof for everything we do here. Data is both our biggest advocate and most honest accountability partner. I like that we learn so much so fast in digital marketing.”

Patrick Cusumano has been creating and implementing comprehensive digital marketing strategies at Workshop Digital since 2015. As a Paid Media Lead, he helps businesses of all sizes and industries, crafting unique marketing plans for each one. He is passionate about driving excellent results and building relationships with clients.

Patrick has a B.B.A. in Marketing from James Madison University, where he began his digital marketing journey while competing in the Google Online Marketing Challenge.

In his spare time, you’ll find Patrick playing board games, reading Star Wars novels, or watching soccer or hockey with his wife and his friends.


Favorite Animal



Favorite Musician

The Wombats


Favorite Fictional Character

Thrawn from the Star Wars expanded universe