Tucker Hottes

SEO Lead Analyst

“I am always excited to learn about new organizations and use my experience to show others how to engage and increase their audience and results. Every day brings new challenges and learning opportunities, let’s work together to be the best!”

Tucker Hottes is a self-described lifelong ‘nerd with a purpose.’ As a teen during the dialup Internet era, he learned everything he could about the Internet before we even had a term for digital marketing. From assisting local educators with emerging technologies of the day to modern, cutting-edge resources and strategies, Tucker has always had a keen eye for helping others understand and take advantage of technology platforms.

A career with more than 20 years in digital marketing, traditional media, and software development has given Tucker unique insight into small to large businesses, nonprofit organizations, media institutions, e-commerce, service industries and more.

Tucker enjoys stepping away from the keyboard to explore wilderness and cities alike with his two dogs and partner. He enjoys fly fishing, tabletop and video games, music, arts, and theater (he is an avid supporter and occasional participant in the Scranton Fringe Festival).

And, yes - as a resident of the real Scranton, PA and co-coordinator of several local events, he is willing to answer any questions about a certain popular television show.


Favorite Animal

All animals, but especially dogs!


Favorite Place

Everywhere and anywhere


Favorite Season

Autumn - best combo of all weather