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Client Relations Principles: The Workshop Way

Jan 14, 2022

We are innovative, results-driven digital marketers striving to produce SEO and Paid Media results that help our clients reach their business goals. To create strategies that work, we believe that our client relationships are the key to success.

We branded our dedication to client relations part of “The Workshop Way” - a unique framework of expectations that focuses on taking clients from satisfied to fully engaged in their Workshop Digital experience. When we engage with our clients, they become our best advocates and advisers so we can continue to grow and improve.

The Workshop Way is a four-part cyclical process, present throughout our client relationships. Our team values Consistency, Proactivity, Relatability, and Surprise & Delight to deliver truly exceptional customer service.


We create experiences that are practiced, thoughtful, and honed.

Consistency builds trust by reducing friction points and showing clients that a standard has already been set, which they can rely on. Clients can expect reliability and a sense of stability during kickoff meetings, annual planning meetings, from deliverables (ex. reports), and similar skill sets among team members.

We say what we are going to do, and deliver based on pre-defined, agreed upon timelines. We use clear communication tactics and clients’ preferred communication methods, when possible.

We don’t miss deadlines without prior communication, change our communication style, or skip steps in an already established process.


We anticipate client needs, questions, or concerns, and reach out before they have to ask.

Proactivity shows our clients that we are thinking about them and their businesses. It avoids “auto-pilot” sentiments from forming and creates value that isn’t explicitly defined in a statement of work (SOW).

For example, analysts take the time to reach out to clients to notify them of an observation made when reviewing Google Analytics, a platform that may impact them, or an article relevant to their industry or business needs.

Our client services team members take initiative by looking for ways to be a partner, not a vendor, and by answering future needs with new ideas and solutions. It’s our job to teach our clients about the services we are providing to create clear roadmaps for our partnership.

We never say “that’s not my job” or create dead ends instead of problem solving. By staying on top of client needs and expectations, we don’t let potential issues or opportunities fall through the cracks.


We find the common threads to build human connections.

Relatability helps break through the client/agency wall that often exists, and humanizes business relationships. This makes work more fun -- and often more meaningful -- for both parties.

When relatability is high, our clients notice. To describe his team’s relationship with Workshop Digital, one of our clients said:

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated working with you through the years, and I’m a big fan. If I had to think about words to describe our relationship, you guys were responsive, knowledgeable, and a group of experts we could easily tap into. Your willingness to teach really stood out to me.”

Relationships are built when analysts identify cues in how clients prefer to be communicated with, spend time learning about clients beyond their job (where possible), and look for ways to relate to areas in clients’ personal/business lives.

Analysts don’t jump into calls without looking for a way to be relatable or pressure clients who prefer not to mix personal and business updates.

Surprise & Delight

We create “wow” experiences for clients that are unexpected, add value, strengthen relationships, and bring smiles to their faces.

“Surprise and delight” moments form positive memories and create experiences that make clients feel special. In making personal, relatable connections, analysts do their best to “give little unexpected extras” (GLUE). This might be a baby gift for expecting parents, an extra project completed that wasn’t on the list but that is valuable for the client, or surprisingly great results and communication.

We work hard to send thoughtful gifts that celebrate life milestones and go above and beyond what is explicitly written in the SOW.

Our job is never considered complete after we send a monthly report or complete a task. Analysts continuously foster client relationships, rather than treating them like a chore or afterthought.

Our Best Clients

We value all of our clients. After years of working to better our client relationships, we found we get the best results from clients when they:

  • Are open to new ideas

  • Look for expert advice

  • Value collaboration

  • Look for a long-term partnership, not a one-time fix

  • Make decisions based on objective information and data

When a client checks these boxes, our team produces better results and clients reach their digital marketing goals.

The Workshop Way is a carefully planned strategy, but the outcome is a successful, organic working relationship. The best compliment we can receive (and have received!) is when a client tells us that they feel like Workshop Digital is part of their team. That’s our goal; to be an integral part of our clients’ digital marketing journeys.