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How We Use Technical SEO To Help Boost Content And Rankings

by Julie Kalita   |   Sep 11, 2023

To achieve the best possible ROI with your SEO budget, start with the foundational elements that help drive organic search traffic and improve online visibility: technical SEO. Technical SEO includes the optimization of various elements on a website to enhance search engine visibility and user experience, including website architecture, site speed, mobile optimization, crawlability, and indexability. It focuses on the behind-the-scenes aspects that affect how search engines crawl, index, and understand your website. While on-page and off-page SEO are important, without a solid technical foundation, search engines have difficulty crawling and indexing the content on your site. Even the best on-page/off-page strategy won't help if search engines can't find you.

Must-Haves For A Stable Technical SEO Foundation

Technical SEO includes important elements of the infrastructure of your website, most notably the mechanisms that allow search engines to find and serve your website pages to potential new customers. If your website isn’t sending the right signals, you’ll likely never achieve the search rankings you need to stay competitive. You need to ensure you’re addressing everything to maximize your website’s visibility, but here is where we recommend you start.

Start Your Technical SEO Upgrades With This Free Audit And Report

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SEO Tactics To Help Customers Find Your Business

These are some of the content and technical SEO tools and tactics we use to further identify areas of improvement and opportunities for optimization for Workshop Digital clients. Digging deeper into both content and technical SEO will help your business refine any current projects or programs, and is a good way to unlock every ounce of potential from your website for the best possible ROI from your SEO program.

Include Technical SEO In Your Larger SEO Strategy

Addressing your technical SEO should be part of your holistic approach to SEO that takes into account the specific requirements of your business. Develop a comprehensive strategy that includes high-level goals for your digital marketing program and addresses the three pillars of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

Bonus: Talking about technical SEO at this level helps other stakeholders in your company better understand its value.

Website Audit and Analysis

Thorough website audits will identify technical issues and areas for improvement. This is more than just analyzing the content on your website. For example, when Workshop Digital conducts an audit, we use advanced tools and techniques to assess website performance and how well search engines can see and index each page. By identifying and addressing these issues, you can lay the groundwork for improved search engine visibility to start improving rankings as quickly as possible.

Implementing Keyword Research And Optimization Strategies

Effective keyword research and optimization will identify the most effective (and easiest to rank for) terms that align with your target audience's search intent. Use these terms to optimize your website's content to increase its visibility in search results.

On-Page Optimization: Optimizing Meta Tags, Headers, And Content For Improved Search Visibility

Focus on optimizing on-page elements to improve search engine rankings, using keyword research to identify and target relevant terms for your business. Optimizing meta tags, headers, and content ensures that search engines can easily understand and rank your website.

Having good on-page optimization improves things like site architecture and topical hierarchy within each page, which ties into the technical side of things and how well search engines are able to crawl and understand your content. Helpful and relevant on-page content tells search engines what each webpage is about and helps them to index and rank appropriately.

Meta tags and headers provide essential information to search engines about the content of your web pages. By optimizing these elements with relevant keywords, we enhance your website's search visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Technical Website Enhancements: Addressing Crawlability and Indexability Issues

Address the technical challenges that may be hindering your website's performance. This includes optimizing XML sitemaps and robots.txt files to improve crawlability and indexability.

We also recommend implementing schema markup to provide search engines with more contextual information about your content, so it knows which pieces are helpful to which audiences. Implementing structured data markup enhances search engine understanding and increases the likelihood of rich snippets appearing in search results, improving click-through rates.

UX Optimization: Implementing Coding, Caching, Compression, And Other Performance Optimization Techniques

You should also optimize your website's performance to provide a seamless user experience, and a strong technical foundation lays the groundwork for a positive (and productive) UX.

Efficient coding and image sizing improves site speed, which aids in how well search engines can crawl a site while also benefiting the user. Set benchmarks and goals for projects like improving site speed and loading times, enhancing mobile responsiveness, and ensuring readiness for mobile-first indexing. By enhancing these elements of user experience, you can increase user engagement and conversions.

For the absolute most efficiency from your website, implement caching, compression, and other performance optimization techniques. These techniques reduce server response time, minimize file sizes, and improve overall website speed, leading to a better experience for your customers and another bump in search engine visibility.

Enhancing URL Structure And Internal Linking For Better SEO

An optimized URL structure and internal linking strategy contribute to improved technical SEO and a better UX. You should optimize your URLs to be descriptive, user-friendly, and search engine-friendly. Additionally, develop a strategic internal linking plan to establish connections between relevant pages and enhance the overall navigation of your website.

Resolving duplicate content, canonicalization, and pagination challenges

Duplicate content, canonicalization issues, and pagination can negatively impact your website's SEO performance. Identify and resolve these challenges to ensure that search engines properly understand and rank your web pages, avoiding potential penalties and confusion.

Search engines favor unique, useful, E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) content. Ensuring there is no duplicate content and proper use of canonicals aid both content and technical SEO.

What You Can Expect To See From These SEO Updates

You created a customized technical SEO strategy specific to your business's needs and goals, and it’s now part of your SEO roadmap that aligns with your overall marketing objectives. What sort of results can you expect? By implementing these technical SEO service offerings, your business can achieve:

Improved Search Engine Visibility And Organic Traffic

Optimizing technical aspects of your website helps search engines understand and rank your content, leading to increased visibility in SERPs and attracting more organic traffic.

Enhanced User Experience And Engagement

A well-optimized website provides a seamless user experience, resulting in increased user engagement, longer session durations, and higher conversion rates.

Better Website Performance And Loading Times

Website performance optimization ensures fast loading times, reducing bounce rates and improving overall user satisfaction.

Mobile-Friendly Experience And Mobile Search Visibility

With mobile devices dominating internet usage, optimizing for mobile responsiveness and mobile-first indexing readiness is essential for attracting mobile users and ranking higher in mobile search results.

Now Is The Best Time To Improve Your Technical And Content SEO

Prioritizing your technical and content SEO will optimize your website for improved search engine visibility, user experience, and long-term success. You’ll see improved ROI from your digital marketing budget by spending less to reach the right audiences, and improve the rate at which that audience converts into prospects, leads, and sales.

Workshop Digital has technical SEO experts who specialize in keeping websites for businesses like yours running smoothly. If you’d like them to take a look at your website to recommend some ways you can improve your technical SEO, contact us today.

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When she’s not optimizing websites, she enjoys spending time with her dog, cheering on the Buffalo sports teams, enjoying music, crocheting and making other crafts, and playing video games.