Case Study

National eCommerce Brand Sees a 152% Increase in Sales

The Challenge

A national e-commerce lifestyle brand wanted to increase their website traffic—but had no experience running paid search campaigns.

The Outcome

Workshop Digital developed paid ads around a specific target market. This boosted traffic, transactions, and revenue from sales.

The Story

A national e-commerce lifestyle brand wanted to increase their total number of website visitors per day—and have them convert into sales. However, they had no previous experience with running paid search campaigns, had a low starting budget, and a lean profit margin.

The Plan

Workshop Digital first performed research on the industry, competitors, and their target market to determine search habits and geographical presence. From this research, Workshop Digital developed a series of branded and non-branded ad groups whose ads spoke to the client’s target market.

We also found that their top competitor was not running text ad campaigns, meaning they were not bidding on their inexpensive branded terms. We built a campaign focused on their competitor’s branded terms with the idea that searchers would click this text ad and would be added to a remarketing list.

Finally, Workshop Digital had the owners of the company develop unique, lifestyle-focused banner ads that would be shown to visitors that had not converted.

The Results

Workshop Digital’s suggested changes resulted in big results for our client, including a 114% increase in visitors and 77% increase in transactions compared to the previous year. Ultimately, however, digital marketing helped our client realize a 152% increase in revenue from sales.