Case Study

LASIK Practice Increases Revenue By 103%

The Challenge

The LASIK industry has experienced recent growth. And while our client wanted new patients, they had trouble realizing the source of leads.

The Outcome

Workshop Digital helped our client double their patient volume in one year—which resulted in a huge increase in gross revenue.

The Story

For millions of people worldwide, LASIK represents a new lifestyle. From greater recreational freedom to long-term cost savings, the vision correction procedure provides possibility.

However, as the industry continues to grow—an estimated 6.5% compound annual growth rate until 2022—practices are facing mounting pressure to reach new patients.

The Challenge

A Virginia-based LASIK practice contacted Workshop Digital in January 2017 to increase new patients, leads, and revenue. Having invested in unsatisfactory marketing services in the past, they wanted a partner that could not only provide results, but also a customized approach and consultative advice.

While the practice knew they wanted new patients, they needed help uncovering the source of leads. They felt competition from large, national LASIK providers, who not only threatened their customer acquisition process, but also dominated the paid search landscape.

Ultimately, the practice set an objective of increasing LASIK surgeries by seven new patients per month. This meant increasing their reach in their own backyard.

The Plan

Workshop Digital identified search engine optimization (SEO) and paid digital marketing as viable strategies. When paired together, the two solutions would help the practice boost both paid and organic search results—with an end goal of increasing initial LASIK consultations.

The engagement began with an SEO site audit. This uncovered significant opportunities to improve the practice’s website, including restructuring content and optimizing their blog. An effective site structure would help search engines and patients reach this practice, while relevant, targeted content would answer specific questions.

On the paid side, Workshop Digital found that prospective LASIK patients were shopping for vision correction services through a number of online channels, and suggested a refined strategy to drive relevant local visitors to the practice’s site. These Google Ads and Facebook campaigns would target local patients and help the practice differentiate themselves from national LASIK chains competing in the same space.

Workshop Digital built and launched Google Ads and Facebook campaigns to target local patients and help the practice differentiate themselves from national LASIK chains competing in the same space. Both teams used Google Analytics to uncover which information resonated with visitors—and used that data to influence keyword usage, ad copy, and landing page and website content. For example, Workshop Digital found that people were interested in learning about LASIK insurance coverage—so SEO created insurance-specific content, while PPC ran relevant campaigns

With the practice’s objectives in mind, Workshop Digital worked with the team to set the following KPIs:

  • SEO: Organic traffic; organic goal completions (goals tracked: appointments scheduled online, phone calls, contact us form submissions)
  • PPC: Conversion rate (goals tracked: appointments scheduled online, phone calls, contact us form submissions)

The Results

Workshop Digital helped the practice double their patient volume from April 2017 to April 2018, which amounted in an estimated 103% increase in gross revenue for the practice.

Through ongoing account maintenance, Workshop Digital helped the practice meet its business goals. By working collaboratively to increase patient education and volume, Workshop Digital helped the practice provide more people with the benefits of LASIK surgery.

As of 2019, the practice was still experiencing year-over-year increases, including their most successful January in 11 years.

Organic Results

  • Organic traffic in April increased 62% year-over-year
  • Organic leads increased 23% year-over-year
  • Landing page traffic to LASIK pages increased 102.38% year-over-year

Paid Results

  • Paid leads increased 39% year-over-year
  • Google Ads conversion rate: 16.25% (compared to an 8.02% optometry industry average)
  • Average cost per lead: $75.43

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