Call Tracking Services

Connect your offline activity with your online presence.

Call Tracking and Digital Marketing Strategies

Do you know how your customers are finding your company? Although digital channels and platforms have changed how your company does business, many industries still rely on phone-based sales.

Call tracking bridges the gap between your online and offline presence. With call tracking, we’re able to accurately value your phone calls and attribute them to their original source.

Why should you be tracking your calls?

Understanding the value of your pay-per-click advertising or search engine optimization efforts is an invaluable component of any digital marketing strategy. But because phone calls are an offline action not taken on your website, they are a blind spot for many organizations.

Call tracking helps you understand the true value of the traffic you’re getting to your website. Plus, it helps you get the most of other important investments. You may have the best ad copy or creative—but without call tracking, a key insight on the performance of these ads disappears.

Connect callers to customers.

Your customers are still calling your business. But the ways that they engage with your brand may differ. From social media, to search engines, to your online listings, consumers may have multiple touchpoints with your brand before they pick up the phone. Call tracking is a sophisticated way of measuring the effectiveness of these phone calls.

Here are just a few benefits of call tracking.

  1. Understand how callers discover your business in the first place.
  2. Connect callers to customers and round out your lead generation efforts.
  3. Optimize campaigns and refine other digital marketing services.
  4. Analyze your current calls—and understand what your customers need.

Case Study

Learn how call tracking helped increase leads by 219%.

Workshop Digital—with the help of a CallRail integration—was able to optimize a law firm’s local SEO efforts and bolster their lead volume.

Call Tracking Software: CallRail

As a certified CallRail Platinum Agency Partner, we use the platform to uncover which ads, keywords, and campaigns your phone callers interact with. This enables us to gather granular data and drive optimizations to boost your bottom line.

CallRail provides in-depth call tracking analytics that map out your customer journey. We also use CallRail form tracking to further segment submissions—so we can gain important data like what pages prospects visit before submitting forms or what keywords led them to your site.