3 Ecommerce Landing Page Best Practices to Boost Performance

by Andrew Miller   |   Jul 03, 2024   |   Clock Icon 3 min read
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Inspiration for your next great landing page can come from anywhere. Even though I have built and tested hundreds of pages in my career, I still look for inspiration and ideas from industry leaders and less, well, mainstream sources. One never knows which trends will fizzle out and which will propel your conversion rates even higher.

Many of the more popular "best practices" and template galleries are outdated, or worse, never performed well in the first place. As marketers, we have to seek out and validate better sources of inspiration and rely less on untested methods.

The Best Ecommerce Landing Page Examples

One of the best resources for ecommerce landing page best practices, in my opinion, is an ebook published by Unbounce called The Ultimate Ecommerce Landing Page Lookbook. It is a refreshingly data-driven (and beautifully designed!) book with 25+ examples of ecommerce landing pages that have proven track records of improving conversion rates and driving up sales.

Our Team’s Top Best Practices for Ecommerce Landing Pages

How can retailers and ecommerce marketers incorporate landing pages into their strategies? Here are 3 "tried and true" best practices that you can test today.

1. Use landing pages to improve the relevance of your ads and offer

Start by customizing a landing page to speak directly to each audience and deliver a specific offer. Targeting coffee enthusiasts with a 10% first order offer in your remarketing ads? A landing page with images and copy that mirrors your ads should help improve your conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition.

2. Engage users in the upper funnel—before they are ready to buy

Many potential customers aren't quite ready to buy from you yet. Maybe they are still comparing options or price shopping. Maybe they just have to sleep on it. Either way, landing pages can help move more visitors from prospects to buyers with upper funnel offers such as email newsletter signups in exchange for a coupon.

3. Create visually rich experiences that are not possible in most ecomm platforms

Software is hard, y'all. Creating high-converting ecommerce software that also looks great and has a lot of design flexibility is seemingly impossible. Dedicated category, product, or promotion landing pages give you more control over the layout to boost engagement, establish your brand, and stand out from the competition.

All landing pages serve a purpose and every purpose should have a landing page.

Your landing page performance may vary and there's no place in the modern marketer's vocabulary for "set it and forget it."

If you are serious about improving your conversion rates with ecommerce landing pages for products, categories, or promotions, your next great moment of inspiration could come from Unbounce's ecommerce landing page lookbook.

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Ecommerce Landing Page FAQs

This blog post was originally published on October 24, 2019, and was updated and republished on July 3, 2024.

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