Case Study

Closed-Loop Reporting Reveals the True Value of a Software Firm’s Leads

The Challenge

A specialty software and development firm needed to tie online interactions to real revenue from start to finish to determine the value of the lead and to better understand how their marketing efforts were performing.

The Outcome

Working closely with our client’s developers, we utilized several programs to construct a process to deliver true closed-loop reporting. The client is now able to see which decision making touch points people experience during the sales process to determine the most effective and efficient ways to develop a sales qualified lead.

The Story

Closed loop reporting was once considered a Holy Grail for digital marketers, but that didn’t stop Workshop Digital from partnering with a software and platform development firm to create a more accountable way to track incoming leads. By establishing close relationships to understand the needs and capabilities of a unique client, Workshop Digital was able to integrate multiple marketing systems and tools to tie online interactions to real revenue from start to finish.

The Approach

In order to make this level of visibility possible, Workshop Digital went “under the hood” with technical partners on the client’s team to ensure the necessary infrastructure was in place. This included optimizing their current usage of tools like Salesforce and its supporting processes to work in tandem with other utilities, like Zapier and Intercom.

In addition to the foundational work done to create closed loop reporting, the Workshop Digital team also took the time to ensure the content our client was sharing was going to attract the types of clients and customers they were looking for. This included demystifying the complicated nature of the service the company offers, and how to clearly convey all the benefits of that service to interested searchers. Workshop Digital found the winning combination of simplicity and including targeted keywords in website content greatly improved organic traffic to the website.

The client is now able to track leads as they arrive through unique campaigns, from initial impression through closed deal. That includes both lead origination and activities within Salesforce tied to marketing interactions. As a bonus, they also see the value of the lead to their business. Workshop Digital can help them assess multi-touch attribution models to see where within any given campaign there may be opportunities to optimize their efforts. This allows us to start asking questions like, “What decision making touchpoints did these people experience during the process?”

The process of setting up closed loop reporting for this client’s digital marketing efforts took close collaboration between their internal teams and Workshop Digital SEO experts, as well as a host of other supporting programs, including:

  • Salesforce (and the ability to customize fields)

  • Heavy use of Zapier

  • Good form systems on the website (Ninja Forms)

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Intercom (plays nicely with Salesforce)

The Result

We’re using this more accurate information about whether or not a campaign or initiative is actually driving value to refine the strategic decisions we’re making with the client and create more efficient programs.

During this process, we were constantly reminded of the importance of an invested, involved client who is hands on and wants an aspirational initiative like this to succeed. They had an uncompromising vision for better reporting, and knew that Workshop Digital was capable of creating a strategy to get there. The client’s patience and perseverance to see that strategy through were key to making closed loop reporting a reality.