Workshop Digital presents the 11th Outstanding JMU Digital Marketing Student Award

by Chris LaRoche   |   Mar 21, 2024   |   Clock Icon 2 min read

Drumroll please...

Workshop Digital is proud to announce the recipient of the 2024 Workshop Digital Outstanding JMU Digital Marketing Student Award. This year’s award goes to Caitlin McGeehan – a Harrisonburg local and a senior at James Madison University majoring in marketing, with a digital marketing concentration, and a minor in the music industry. Congratulations, Caitlin!

This is the 11th year that Workshop Digital has presented the $1,000 award, in recognition of students who demonstrate a passion for digital marketing through the understanding and application of their coursework as well as their related marketing exposure and experience outside the classroom.

While all 17 entries into this year’s consideration set were strong contenders, Caitlin’s stood out from the rest. With a passion and sincerity that connected with our panel, Caitlin astutely made the case for well-thought-out multi-channel strategies that maintain a consistent message while tailoring that message to the specific audience and platform.

...the different websites you have ads on and different social media platforms you utilize need to have unique, platform-specific techniques. However, your brand image and messaging need to maintain consistency. In my digital marketing and general marketing courses, we have discussed how to strike the perfect balance... – Caitlin McGeehan

Caitlin clearly demonstrated an awareness of the digital marketing industry, staying in the know of digital marketing industry trends, addressing the rise of interactivity in ads, a coming reform to how search engines work, and the continued growth and importance of social media, especially in the realm of music industry advertising.

Workshop Digital wishes Caitlin – and all the JMU 2024 graduates – the best of luck as she embarks on her digital marketing career. The future of digital marketing is bright and we’re excited to see what she brings to the table!

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Chris LaRoche

Chris brings over 12 years of experience in the digital marketing space to Workshop Digital, having spent the majority of his career driving paid marketing strategy for clients across SaaS, healthcare, legal, retail, & more while leading teams of marketing experts.

He prides himself on staying ahead of the curve – testing & adopting new technologies, strategies, and methodologies in order to find the newest and best ways to exceed client expectations, while building strong personal relationships with his counterparts.

A South Jersey native, Chris migrated to the San Diego region of California in 2018. Outside of the office chair, you can find him catching the latest superhero movies, attempting to cook a decent meal, dabbling in some light woodworking, and accompanying his dog – Blitz – to the dog park.