Maximizing Your Call Leads With More Effective Digital Marketing

Sep 06, 2023   |   Clock Icon 11 min read

Are you running a business that heavily relies on phone calls? Then call leads are something you'll want to focus on. Call leads refer to potential customers who have contacted your business via phone or dialed in response to your marketing efforts. By focusing on call leads, you're targeting customers who have already expressed interest in your product or service.

One of the benefits of focusing on call leads is that they generally convert at a higher rate compared to other types of leads. After all, they've taken the time to reach out to your business. Plus, phone conversations allow you to build a deeper connection with potential customers and answer any questions or concerns they might have.

Your digital marketing should include a dedicated strategy for generating call leads if that has traditionally been a way customers reach out to your business. By optimizing your website and social media accounts, using strategic keywords, and creating pay-per-click ad campaigns, you can attract more potential customers to your business. Here are the strategies we use to help our clients create efficient channels for generating and tracking their call leads and sales.

Optimizing Your Website For Call Leads

Your website is the digital front door of your business, and optimizing it for call leads can significantly improve your conversion rate. Here are some of the strategies we share with clients that are looking to achieve this goal.

It’s good to start by having clear and prominent contact information on your website. Visitors shouldn't have to waste time searching for a phone number or email address. Place this information in a highly visible location like the header or footer of the website. Additionally, having a dedicated Contact Us page with a form can also encourage visitors to get in touch.

Second, ensure your website is user-friendly and mobile responsive. With more and more people browsing on their mobile devices, not having a responsive website can cost you valuable leads. Having a responsive website will make it easier for customers to access your contact information and navigate your site, increasing overall engagement. Search engines are also looking at your website’s load times, so keep these numbers in mind as you add content to your website.

Don’t forget to include a compelling call-to-action (CTA) on your website. CTAs should be clear, concise, and direct the customer to take a specific action. For example, "Call Now to Schedule a Consultation" or "Get Your Free Quote Today." Ensure your CTA stands out on the page by using contrasting colors or larger font sizes.

Following these strategies can significantly improve your website's ability to generate call leads. Make sure your website is optimized for call leads as you look at your overall user experience to ensure audiences looking for this option have an easy path to reach your business.

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Choose The Right Keywords To Appeal To The Right Audiences

Using targeted keywords is an essential part of generating call leads through digital marketing. It involves a three-pronged approach: keyword research, creating content around keywords, and optimizing meta descriptions and titles for search engines.

Keyword research will help you identify the terms and phrases potential customers use to search for the products and services you offer. It helps to understand user intent and tailor your digital marketing strategy to meet their needs. Using tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, or Ahrefs can help identify high volume and low competition keywords for your business.

The next step is to create content around these keywords. Blog posts, landing pages, and product descriptions that are optimized for specific keywords can improve your website's ranking in search engines. However, it's important to avoid keyword stuffing and write quality content that is useful to the reader.

Finally, optimize meta descriptions and titles using the identified keywords. Meta descriptions give a brief summary of what a webpage is about and help users decide if they want to visit the site. Titles should include the primary keyword and be compelling to make users want to click.

Using targeted keywords in digital marketing can help find and attract audiences that are more likely to prefer calling your business. It's essential to keep updating your keyword strategy as user behavior and search engine algorithms continue to change.

Leveraging Social Media To Connect With Call Leads

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn have become go-to places for individuals seeking information. You’ll want to create multiple messaging channels for the various platforms, always offering a path to call as an option to help move this audience through your sales funnel.

Since social media platforms have different audiences, you don't need to create a presence on all social platforms. Identify the platform where your target audience is most active and create a profile there. Engage your audience by participating in conversations, answering questions, and creating shareable content.

Running ads on social media is another effective way of reaching out to potential customers. Social media ads are cost-effective, target-specific, and can generate great returns on investment. Since your audience is also likely checking their social media feeds on their phones, it’s also a good time to offer your phone number as a resource. Be careful, as running ads without any strategy in place is a recipe for disaster. Identify your target audience, create audience-specific ads, and monitor the ad's performance closely. Tweak the ad campaigns as needed to maximize returns. Creating humorous and relatable content can help in catching your audience's attention and increasing engagement. However, be careful not to offend or alienate anyone with the content.

Social media ad options are constantly changing, and keeping up with the updates, capability, and limitations can be overwhelming. But keeping your brand active on social media platforms can lead to more leads and sales as those audiences look for ways to engage with your business, which makes the effort all the more worth it.

Keep Your Google Business Profile Current

An up-to-date Google Business Profile (GBP) page, formerly called Google My Business, has become a necessary marketing element for businesses of all sizes. GBP listings not only help customers find your business online, but they also provide valuable information about your company, including your address, hours of operation, customer reviews, and of course, your phone number.

Creating a GBP listing is easy and free. You simply need to enter your business details and verify your ownership. Once your listing is live, it's essential to optimize it to increase your chances of appearing in search results. This can be achieved by optimizing your business description, adding photos, and including relevant keywords in your listing. Having the most recent information and easy ways for customers to contact you can be especially beneficial if you want to improve visibility for a business with any sort of local presence.

Verification is a very important step in the GBP listing process. It ensures that only authorized owners can edit and manage the listing for the business. GBP offers various verification methods, including a postcard, phone verification, or email verification. Once your listing is verified, you'll have access to tools that enable you to make updates to the listing.

Encouraging customers to leave reviews on your GBP listing is an excellent way to boost your online reputation. Positive reviews demonstrate the quality of your services or products and build trust with potential customers. To encourage reviews, you can ask your satisfied customers to leave feedback, respond to reviews (positive or negative), and offer incentives for leaving a review.

In summary, leveraging GBP for your business is a smart strategy to drive traffic and increase brand awareness online. By creating and optimizing your listing, verifying your ownership, and encouraging customer reviews, you can maximize your call leads and stay ahead of the game.

Boosting Your Call Leads With Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

It’s a good idea to consider pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to offer calls as an option to audiences that prefer that channel. By identifying the right keywords to target and crafting ad copy that resonates with potential customers, you can increase the likelihood of them picking up the phone and calling your business.

Another key component of maximizing your call leads through PPC is the use of call extensions. By including a phone number directly in the ad, you make it easy for people to call you right then and there. Plus, it gives them the impression that you're available and ready to help, which can be a powerful motivator to pick up the phone.

But how do you know if your ad campaigns are truly effective? That's where A/B testing comes in. By running two versions of an ad with only one element changed (such as the headline, call-to-action, or image), you can see which one performs better and use that data to optimize your campaigns moving forward.

Overall, successful PPC advertising for call leads requires a combination of keyword research, targeted ad copy, call extensions, and testing. With the right approach and a willingness to experiment, you can increase your call volume and ultimately grow your business. For example, we achieved great results when we implemented CallRail phone call tracking for one client, using dynamic number rotations to ensure calls were attributed to the keywords that drove them. We found that combining phone sales data with website revenue gave us far more data to improve the search and shopping campaigns for a much higher return on ad spend (ROAS).

Tracking And Analyzing Call Leads

When it comes to maximizing call leads, tracking and analyzing the data is how we make the most informed decisions. Using call tracking software is a great way to do this. It allows us to see which marketing campaigns are bringing in the most calls, which pages on a website are driving the most conversions, and which keywords are generating the most leads.

Once you have this data for your website, it's important to analyze it and draw insights. Look for patterns and trends that can give you a better understanding of your customers and how they interact with your business. Are there certain times of day when you receive more calls? Are certain pages on your website more effective at driving leads?

When you've analyzed the data, it's time to make adjustments based on the results. This could mean tweaking your marketing campaigns to focus on the keywords that are generating the most leads, optimizing your website to make it more user-friendly, or adjusting your call-to-action to make it more compelling.

By continually tracking and analyzing your call leads, you can make data-driven decisions that will help you maximize your conversions and grow your business. Keeping an eye on phone conversions and tracking call leads was a big part of one recent program that helped our client cut their cost per lead to half the budgeted goal while increasing ROAS by 732%.

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So there you have it - a comprehensive guide on how to maximize your call leads through effective digital marketing strategies. These strategies have helped us bring in new business from this tried-and-true channel, and we can create a custom program for your business to help you connect with audiences looking for your products or services. Our team of passionate professionals is ready to help you take your digital marketing to the next level. Contact us today if you would like to get more from your digital marketing!